The reason why I Sean Hoagland am making this site I to. More or less to use it for my portfolio. To act as an archive to showcase my work as it improves over time. As well as to show potential employers that I can, do the work and do it better than what’s expected. Also to possibly sell my abstract work within the future. I am an artist of many passions, my strongest one being that of Japanese manga which is a Japanese comic book I love looking at stories with beautiful illustrations. So in a way, I want to become the next Todd Mcfarland Or Frank Miller and develop my own comic books that I hope people with enjoy and be inspired by and make TV shows and movies about. I want this site to show that my design brand is versatile that It can go from illustrations to fashion designs. Plus I want to be able to communicate with other veteran artist ask them how can I improve my work. and collaborate with them and work on big projects together and to show people around the world. I want to this site to be my creative footprint on the world so that people will remember me and what I did what my vision was and enjoy my work when I have passed on.

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